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Christian Patriot Media Group

We  Support These News Sources

Infowars, spearheaded by founder Alex Jones, is in our opinion the "premiere" news source for the fight against the Luciferian Globalist "New World Order" takeover and the coming "Mark of the Beast".

Red Voice Media, founded by Stew Peters, is a true Christian bulldog warrior out in frontlines in the fight against the pernicious NWO evil.

Rense, run by Jeff Rense, goes to the edge of investigating possible conspiracies. While sometimes seemingly a bit over the edge, still a good source of news links in the fight against Luciferian evil.

Reclaim the Net, a group dedicated to freedom on the Internet. If we lose the Internet, we lose the ability to get true source information, contrary to the lies of the MSM.

Dr. Mercola is a pioneer in the movement toward alternative & quality medicine. He has been attacked and censored by the pharma controlled FDA for telling the truth about COVID and the deadly so called vaccines.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,  a group of dedicated, credible architects and engineers who prove that the official narrative (regarding what really happened on 9/11/01) given to us by the deep state controlled US Gov't is a BIG lie.