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Christian Patriot Media Group

Project Velocity Portal

You have reached the Project Velocity Portal!

This means you have signed up for a free Eagles Over America membership!

Upon clicking the PORTAL button below, you will be taken to our very own 

Christian Patriot Media "Project Velocity" Information Page 

so you can advance to the next stage: FREEDOM!

Entering the portal below will solve the mystery of what Project Velocity is all about:

creating a righteous, fast growing "Christian" parallel economy, 

while at the same time increasing your very own health, as well of the health of others.

Pay attention to the MATRIX. It is your key to riding on our coattails, 

and an important part of your success when joining Project Velocity

Prepare for 3 short video presentations.

Click here to enter the PORTAL

After Viewing the Portal VideoPlease Come Back and do a Quick Review to Make Sure You Fully Understand How Project Velocity (our EOA group) Will Work for You!

Make Sure You Click on the Link Below After Entering the Portal and Viewing the 3 Short Videos

Important Review