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Christian Patriot Media Group

The Coming Trump Announcement

Dear Patriot,

Before I move onto the subject at hand (the future date of the expected Trump Announcement regarding the Insurrection Act), I would like to explain my premise first. What I'm going to do is lay out the discovered evidence in sections, but first, I would like to give you a little background about who I am, what I do, and what God has planned for my life since the age of 19 and a little bit of history leading up to where we are today.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  George Santayana

My conversion to Christianity came as result of a vision I had in the middle of the night in mid April 1974 at precisely 3:00 AM (remember this fact, it is of importance later on). I woke up seeing a blood red glow emanating off of my green bed spread in a totally dark room! I understood at that time that it was representative of the blood of Jesus. I was told that when I would become an older man, I would be instrumental in helping His people during a future difficult time involving wars and bankers.

I did not understand at that time what He meant, but through the years I was shown what I must study to make myself accountable and presentable for the times we are in right now, namely the books of Daniel and Revelation and of course the Bible as a whole. I was also instructed to seek out other prophecies beyond the days of Jesus (to the present), the studies of market waves of greed and fear, the history of cycles and how they are all interrelated to the socio-economic consequences of the times.

What you about to witness is my life's work come to fruition in a BIG way! I am a professional market timer and I own BluStar Market Insights, an online newsletter where I gives insights into stock and precious metals market moves both up and down for trading purposes. 

I'm about to show you some of that work and tie it into recent events regarding the Wuhan Virus, the Federal Reserve, the Crash of February-March 2020 and the events leading up to the 2020 election and to where we are today.

Back in September 2019,  and especially more notably October through December 2019, I noticed some strange action in the stock market. The market began moving up in a  pattern one observes due to manipulation, not normal free market behavior. The stock market began moving up due to overnight futures' manipulation, in what we traders say is "on the cheap", that is to say it wasn't normal cash buying, but rather highly leveraged, central bank manipulation creating what is know as a distribution pattern (something we have also been seeing since November 9, 2020) into the eventual February 2020 top.

A distribution pattern is where the market advance starts to take on a choppy upward pattern where the strong market players start to distribute their many shares into weaker hands to where eventually someone (usually the public) is left holding the bag.  While this pattern has often been seen before at important market tops, what was different this time was the central bank's manipulation of the market to a degree that it became easy to crash it, hence creating the fear surrounding the Wuhan Virus Pandemic! The 35% drop in the span of one month was entirely unprecedented in history!

The manipulation began to occur in early October 2019 when in late September the overnight inter bank lending rate shot up to over an unprecedented 10% and more, in essence, creating somewhat of a liquidity crisis which caused the stock market to fall into the early October 2019 low. That prompted the FED to start injecting even more money into the system.  That money found its way into the stock market in the form of overnight futures manipulation!

What caused this liquidity crisis is a matter of debate. The FED scuttlebutt was this: Trump's accelerating economy combined with massive tax cuts created the illiquid situation.  Regardless of who was to blame, coincidently around that time (September 2019), the United Nation's "World Health Organization" through its partner in crime, Johns Hopkins University and their Center for Health Security put out its report called: Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic  (see LINK)

The FED promised that it would keep injecting cash into the money supply into June 2020, but in February 2020, instead, they started taking away the gin from the punchbowl "so to speak" at a time of record bullishness (the weakest point of any market top) by reducing the money supply through the sale of US Government Bonds, all despite the reports of the Wuhan Virus Contagion in late January!

It is often said, if you want to understand how  criminal enterprise racketeering works, follow the money trail, in other words, who stands to benefit? In January 2020, we had the baseless Democrat Impeachment Trial of President Trump obviously meant as a smear campaign, which Pelosi rammed through as quickly as possible because she obviously knew what was coming well in advance.

To wit, the Obama admin (along with Dr. Fauci) was previously behind the transfer of the bio-weapons project from an army base North Carolina to the Wuhan Lab that included a $370 Million grant to the Chinese to continue its facilitation in Wuhan, before the unlawful and careless US research of the patented virus was discovered (not to mention Gates' patent for his so called vaccine as a ready remedy!!!). 

   See Link

So, in comes the "Wuhan Virus" so called "Pandemic" and an unprecedented market crash, which they not only baselessly blamed on Trump through their fascist control of the MSM, they could now use that as an excuse for state governors to start making unconstitutional masking and stay-at-home orders through fear mongering.

This power grab led to the unconstitutional "swing state" governors' admins and corrupted judges to bypass these state's Constitutions regarding voting laws, while other corrupted governors' admins and judges basically colluded to kill small businesses (which are competition to the corrupted Mega Corporations, which made a killing on the Pandemic). 

The excuse for mail in voting was a pretext created by the Wuhan Virus Pandemic just in case Trump overran the Dominion Voting machine's algo's, which they did and even more than they expected as we have recently found out! 

Meanwhile, we have the continued voter fraud coverup by the MSM and Social Media, another huge market bubble caused by mega deficit spending, which is and was blamed on the Pandemic this criminal world wide cabal created in the first place! This is truly "Order Out of Chaos." 

As market traders know full well, lots of money can be made on  volatile market drops through short sales, then again on the anticipated rebound by scooping up cheap shares.

When Pelosi said in early 2020, "Trump may be elected, but he won't be inaugurated", she knew what she was saying, because she obviously knew of the plan from conception, and so do we!

As I mentioned before, we are in another distribution pattern, albeit, not quite as long as the Oct 3, 2019- February 19, 2020 distribution pattern phase.  This current one has been running since November 12th.

What I have learned from these recent patterns is: they are not created by accident! I believe something from the dark side of the ledger (a false flag or foreign military action...China...Iran?)  is going to trigger or force Trump and the military to take action.

Again, I believe this coming event is likely going to shock the world much like COVID did.  Do I know this as fact? No, I don't, but I sure do smell a rat!

These huge market moves, both up and down, are ways for the elite power brokers of the world to make large sums of money in a short period of time and consolidate power within chosen corporate power structures (eliminating competition along the way), which is the way Luciferians build a socialist-fascist society. Crashes create fear and compliance, and usually go hand in hand with a planned event such as COVID.

It would be prudent, I would think, to prepare for this "possible" shocking event by having enough water, food and medicine stored to weather the expected storm. I have no idea if the US markets will even be open during the expected storm. The 9-11 Event shut the markets down for a week, and then they crashed for a week, so just saying....


Combining Prophecy and Market Behavior

Elliott Wave Theory is a quantitative study of human behavior, mainly focusing on the Octave - Chromatic Scale found on the Piano Keys (8 & 13) relating to the study of market waves that move emotionally from fear to greed and back again. Basically 5 waves up and 3 waves down, but more complicated than that.

Gann Theory mainly focuses on the Octave Cycle of time (and its variants), Circular Degrees and the use of Judicial Astrology to attempt to predict the markets with about an 80% accuracy. There is much more to Gann Theory that has been discovered, but unfortunately, W.D. Gann took a lot of his knowledge to the grave.

Both of the above theories use the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers found in creation through music, the inner ear, the spiral of a galaxy and a simple sea shell. 

These are just two simplistic explanations of what I study to try to forecast markets.

The larger picture that I focus on is called socio-economics and their related cycles of the past as an adjunct to try to glimpse the possibilities the future may hold, which I will be discussing in the next column, as I believe it will affect us a great deal in the coming days, weeks, months, and yes....  even years.

Since only God or the true prophet can know the future with any sort of certainty, I shall, in my analysis, attempt to approach my premise of why I believe Trump may announce the Insurrection Act on February 23, 2021, carefully crafted through a combined prophetic and market analysis. 

I believe his actions and that of the military under his control, will be rounding up deep state actors domestically and world wide through a greater degree through the Spring equinox, March 20-24, 2021 or thereabouts.

I, personally, claim no perfection in this attempt at prognostication, only an imperfect attempt at getting close.


Brad Gudgeon

March 1, 2021 (re-edited)

Read on: The Trump Prophecies (next column)

The Trump Prophecies

Much has recently come to light regarding the Mark Taylor and Kim Clement "Trump Prophecies". My wife, Pam, and I, used to attend Kim's musically inspired prophetic "on stage ministry" when he used to come to the Nashville, TN area back in the early 2000's through about 2014. 

The last time we attended, the bass was so powerful and so deep (dangerous infrasound) that we unfortunately had to leave post-haste.

Kim passed away in November 2016 due to complications from a stroke. He lived just long enough to see his prophecy of Trump being fulfilled.

By the time Trump announced his candidacy for the office of President, we were both well aware of the prophecies.

Recently, the Clement "Two Presidents Prophecy" has come to light as well as the two Supreme Court Justices who have yet to step down, as well as the highly embarrassing moments coming for our country as the Democrat party will be shaken to the core while the Republican Party will be highly unnerved by the coming resignations. 

The latest prophecies mentioned have obviously not occurred yet and seem fit to occur very soon when Trump ascends back to the very office to which he was duly elected.


Richard Allgire

Remote Viewer & Former Intel Asset,

Prophetess Raji and My Market Analysis

Mr. Allgire has the amazing gift of seeing and hearing world events remotely, a few months before they happen. On December 20, 2020, he drew a sketch, which was presented on RENSE the next day.

The sketch shows Trump speaking from what appears to be the Oval Office announcing a Space Force Alert and an attack on our country. The words "not too distant future" was also written on the page. 

Check out this LINK in the upper left corner to see more information on what Mr. Allgire revealed.

I believe Mr. Allgire's sketch ties into Raji's February 1 prophecy, where she is shown the date "The Lion of Judah" gives Trump God's Scepter: February 23.  We shall see how that turns out, or what exactly occurs on the 23rd (she said she saw the White House empty and Trump was to the side receiving papers and handing our papers). Sometimes God's prophecies aren't entirely clear until after the date has passed.

The way the Gann Cycles are setting up, it looks highly probable for the final stock market top will arrive on the week of February 16-19th, 2021. February 17th has the Saturn/Uranus square and February 19th has the Supreme Court hearing 3 important cases regarding the biggest election fraud and cyber attack in US history! February 19th also has Venus square Mars, which often kicks off huge market declines especially when the market is vulnerable like it is now. February 19th is also February Monthly Option Expiration, which tends to be bullish. February 19th is also 360 degrees from the top on February 19, 2020!

Allgire reveals that the EAS announcement will be made in prime time, that is 8-11 PM Eastern Time.

On January 22, 2021, Raji saw The Lion of Judah give Trump the Scepter, fighting his enemies all the way into March.

Kim Clement said that Presidency issue would be settled in the Spring.


Raji's 70 Day Prophecy

Raji's Prophecy of November 9, 2020: The 70 Days from Nov 7 to Jan 16 when the count would be made known, fulfilled when Mike Lindell had his interview with RSBN the day after he visited the White House.

The prophecy also mentions Raji seeing the clock at

3:00 in the morning and then again at 3:16, which is an important number to both my wife and me. She then obviously prophesies to a certain individual. Please listen to that prophecy.


Prophecies I Have Heard from God

Regarding Trump and the Deep State

Last summer as I was waking up, I heard the Lord say to me, "I have given you two terms".

Last November, after the elections as I was contemplating the 8th Head of the Sea Beast mentioned in Revelation 17, I heard the words, "Destroy It!"


The Stock and Gold Market, 

Repeating Cycles,

Wave Analysis, Past Behavior,

Astrological Cycles, 

Past and On Going Prophecies:

Useful to Predict the Future!

Wave Structure: Why Now 3 Waves vs. 5?; Gann 16 Trading Day Lows; TLC Lows: March 24 Amazingly close to March 2020; Distribution Patterns; How to Profit When the Market Declines; Astrological Cycles as an Adjunct to Market Analysis, Gann's Cycle Degrees.

Momentum/Inter Market Divergences, 10 and 20 Week Lows, 8 & 16 Month Lows, Benner's Cycle, 16 Year Cycle of Deflation, 31 and 62 Year Cycle of Inflation = Kondratieff Cycle, Armstrong's Pi Cycle. 

Fourth Turning: Prelude to Market Turmoil and a Crisis War, which Follows Uranus in Taurus' 84 Year Great Grandfather Cycle of Four 21 Year Cycles (Fourth Turning); Saturn square Uranus Cycles predicts Market Turmoil and Civil Disturbances Ahead (especially when they occur in clumps of 3 or 5 over a year or two); Saturn/Uranus squares 3 X this year! Uranus is in Taurus (which makes this triple square more potent).

Why World War III Will Occur in the Mediterranean and parts of Europe within 4-5 years due to Shiite radical Islam and their connection to China; The Prophecies of Nostradamus and St. Malachy of Ireland's Last Pope in Vatican Prophecy, Is Trump the Great Chyren?

The Old Order is Dying; We Can Make Our Future Better (Despite the Challenges Ahead) by Joining a Common Cause; Ironic Crosscurrents: Saturn in Aquarius is Hopeful, Forward Looking, Inventive but Represents the Old Guard, Uranus in Taurus is Revolutionary and Unpredictable but is Restrained by the Old Guard, Faith in Action = Breakthrough!

Massive Changes Coming in Technology: Are You Ready? Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full, State of Mind: Key to Your Future; It's a Make It Happen World, Do You Dare Break the Mold? 

Christ is Making HIs Bride Ready for the Challenges Ahead; Do You Dare to Soar Like an Eagle? The World to Come is Being Prepared by the Warrior Prophets, Miracles Are Real! The Final Battles Between Good and Evil: Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve! 

Did You Know that the Magi Were Astrologers? We Are in the Dispensation of Grace! Walk in it!

These Are Just Some of the Issues I will be Addressing in the Future! Get Ready for the Revealing of the PLAN!

"History Doesn't Always Repeat Itself, but It Often  Rhymes", Mark Twain

The far left column of this page has the links to:

Allgire's Sketch

Raji's Three Prophecies

Kim Clement's Prophecies

Proof: Raji's 70 Day Prophecy Fulfilled by Mike LIndell on January 16, 2021

My Stock Market Work Proving Stock Market Crash Top days away and February 23-25 is a Perfect Time for the Trump Announcement!

Join "Eagles Over America" and read "The Plan."


 Post Script

When I started Christian Patriot Media back in 2020, I had already set up the websites: BluStar Market Insights in 2015, SUDEVTEK in 2017 and Droning Foghorn Music in 2019.

Droning Foghorn Music, BMI grew out of the Patriot Movement back in 2009/10, which Trump witnessed in 2011. We wrote the Tea Party Hit, "We Aint Goin' Away" in 2010, which included an album of Americana Music called "Snapshot of America".

In 2017, I was literally handed a natural product (by a dying man) that can literally help feed the world. Getting past the Organic Associations and Contemporary Farming Methods is no easy feat. I named the product HarvestGold and called my company SUDEVTEK, just as God revealed to me (I am currently in negotiations with an overseas company who is interested in a distribution deal...long process).

We are entering a period of a solar minimum that is about to change the way we look at growing food due to shorter summers and longer winters coming. Of course, global warming is a hoax from the elite NWO crowd. The opposite is true, we are literally entering into a Mini Ice Age!

Running a Media Company that incorporates news, music and videos is no small task. I have incorporated  BluStar Market Insights and Droning Foghorn Music into the model.

SUDEVTEK is a different matter altogether. Still, the amount of money and manpower it will take to accomplish these tasks is by no means small.

Our God is a BIG GOD.  He has given me BIG visions! The next step is something that He has been working in me for over 40 years and about to be revealed. You'll not want to miss what's coming next!

As the old order falls (the so called New World Order), a more glorious order will take its place where we can literally change ourselves, our planet and our future outcome. 

Stay in touch. Join our free online newsletter "Eagles Over America". The link is on the upper left column.

I invite you to visit our other websites through the links at the bottom left to learn the bigger picture.

Don't forget "The Plan!"

Never forget God in all this.

Jesus reigns!

UPDATE: Based on Raji's prophecy and my current stock market work, the next highest probability of the expected Trump Announcement is sometime around the weekend of March 6/7. The stock market dumped on the late February dates due to interest rate rise: Mars trine Pluto Feb 24 was the culprit.

I have an inside source that says March will be the attack month against the Deep State. The stock market is setting up for a crash. EOA members got to see my prediction of the huge market rally we are seeing today and expected into the 3rd of March.

Little Boy Dead for 40 Minutes, Comes Back to Life: Sees Jesus, Goes to Heaven, Told About WW3 and the Coming Demon Alien Wars!