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Christian Patriot Media Group

The Plan

Point of "Eagles Over America"

1) Teach people how to come out of the

 Babylonian Mind Control Grid by teaching the true history of the world within proper understanding of biblical prophecy.

2) Come together as an Economic Unit, helping one another make a difference in the world by increasing individual and collective Divine health/wealth through our "Project: Change the Future Outcome (CTFO) and Project: BluStar Diversified (stock market) and investing that money into worthwhile projects such as SUDEVTEK's "Project: Feed the World" and Droning Foghorn Music's "Project: Uplift and Inspire" through capital formation.

3) Teach important spiritual truths so that we can defeat the antichristian/Luciferian forces that seek to destroy and enslave humanity.

4) Invite members to join a worldwide group of like minded Christian Patriots of which we are affiliated.

5) If you have dreams and visions from God,

 Join EOA and share them!

"To whom much is given, much will be required", Luke 12:48


The true teaching of Daniel to Revelation is that evil Luciferian forces have taken control over God's chosen people from the time of Babylon until now through major military world powers as well as the subversive 'shadow government", which has been alive ever since the Rothschild created Illuminati in May 1776.

Learn how the Hegelian Dialectic is used to make you think you have control of your voting choice. It is called the false left/right paradigm. It is also used in false flags through the Problem, Reaction, Solution methodology. The Illuminati's motto "Ordo Ab Chao" or "Order Out of Chaos".

Wealth is not shared, it is created! One of the measures of capital creation is known as Money Velocity. CTFO is our way to build health/wealth and it is free to join. BluStar Diversified is way to make money like the big boys do on Wall St (I was a former broker in the 1980's).

SUDEVTEK's product HarvestGold helps plants grow naturally, which reduces the need for expensive and harmful fertilizers, insecticides, bactericides and fungicides.

Droning Foghorn Music is located right here in Music City USA, Nashville, TN. We recorded a 12 song album of patriotic and family oriented songs that was a hit around the world.  Our upcoming song "Whispers in the Wind" is a tribute to D.J. Trump who is rightfully our president. Future projects coming!

The fight begins within self. Once you realize that you know nothing, it is only then can you begin to find truth.

Join a worldwide group of like minded patriots. Together we are strong, divided we are weak.