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Christian Patriot Media Group

In Part 2, "Down the Rabbit Hole" Janet focuses on the Q phenomenon. I cannot for certain vouch that Q is for real, but she does bring up some interesting points. Also, on the Video "Krakened!", Jeffrey Prather, former military insider, tells us who he believes could be Q.

Cutting to the chase, Janet takes us to Rise of the Beast from the Earth (Revelation 13) that had two horns like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon in 1913, that is the Anglo-American Alliance when the Federal Reserve and IRS were formed.  The seat of the beast is in the City of London (modeled after the Vatican) where the most powerful Rothchild Family members pull the strings.

The Beast from the Sea (also in Chap 13 of Revelation) that morphs into the 8th head (Chapter 17 of Revelation) is the Shadow Government or Illuminati formed in 1776 that also fomented the French Revolution (Revelation Chapter 11; the Festival of Reason, Nov 1793, 1260 years after the Justinian Codex was completed.

The little horn of Daniel 7 that came up amongst the other 10 kingdoms of the shattered Roman Empire, finished his Codex in Dec AD 533 that allowed the Church to later take power and become the most corrupt religious institution in history.

It is known as the 7 headed sea beast in Chapter 13 of Revelation that rules for 1260 days; 42 months (Chapter 11); a time, times and half a time (Daniel, Chapter 7), which is really 1260 years, a day for a year principle found in Ezekiel.

 The protestants believed that the pope was the Anti-Christ as it (the power to wear down the saints of the most high)  was given into Justinian's (Heb) yad, or the open hand of decree for 1260 years All this is provable and I will explain it later as to how I was able to put this mystery in the Bible together. Let us continue.

1916 is when the Rothschild/Rockefeller Banksters used their newspaper media empire and began turning the USA away from supporting Germany in WWI (1914-18) to supporting the Allied powers. They used lies like they do today and eventually got us into the war in 1917, as they had already compromised President Wilson by paying off a former mistress of his when he was a Princeton Professor.

The Rothschild agent that swayed Wilson went by the name of Samuel Untermyer, who was an agent of the Khazarian/Talmudist Jewish Rothschilds (not real Jews but forced converted Jews). Click on the name Samuel Untermyer (above left blue link) and look at the top left part of the page to the name Scofield, influencer of Christian Zionism.  Click on the Scofield blue link, then click on the link below touting Untermyer as one who helped put together the Federal Reserve.

Are you starting to get the picture? I'll tell you more later about Scofield, Oxford University, the Anglican Church, John Darby and the Jesuits, and how they influenced and dumbed down Protestant Christianity in the USA, and why they needed them to help create a Mid East power center called Israel.

Janet pretty much skips over the 19th century. Andrew Jackson was almost assassinated by refusing a Third Charter from the usurious Rothschild crime family in  1835. 

The Rothschild were behind the fomenting of the Civil War  1861-65 and backed the South. Russia helped Lincoln by blockading the southern ports: another reason that they never forgave Russia, beside the fact that the Czar would not allow them to put a central bank in their country. 

Lincoln said," With the Confederate Army at my front and the bankers at my rear, it is the bankers I fear most". He was offered usurious loans at interest rates of 24-36% and declined. He was assassinated in April 1865. 

One other president, James Garfield, was also assassinated in 1881 due to these same Rothschild bankers by opposing their Central Bank.  Congressman McFadden, who questioned the power of the FED to create the huge rise and fall of the stock market in the 1920's and early 1930's, was assassinated in October 1936.  Watch this 5-6 minute video.


The Rothchilds are worth far more than $500 Billion, and like Soros, the Rockefellers, Gates and the Clintons, work their evil through their so called foundations.

$500 million back in the early 1900's, would be the equivalent of about $50 Billion today, not $11 Billion as stated in this video.

Both Communism and Socialism are left leaning ideologies, not left/right as Janet states.


The Rothschild/Rockefeller families financed the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, used WWI to help Britain gain the land of Palestine through the Balfour Declaration of 1917, accomplished in 1922 and realized in 1948 as the state of Israel. They also funded the League of Nations Treaty in 1920, which later became the United Nations in 1945 (the image of the beast that had a deadly wound, but came back to life [Revelation 13], who sets up the mark of the beast). They funded the rise of Hitler and used him to tyrannize the Jews in Europe, so that the survivors would colonize the land.

Prescott Bush, grandfather to George W. Bush, 43rd president of the USA, was fined $1 million in 1942 for aiding and abetting the NAZI war machine. He was involved with Operation Paperclip, that moved the NAZI's out of Germany to America and South America.

His father, George (Prez #41), was a CIA man who oversaw the Kennedy assassination, almost had Reagan killed in 1980, and was behind the 9-11 false flag operation with Dick Cheney, the Mossad, and Pentagon members such as Wolfowitz, Pearle and Rumsfeld, all Zionists with dual citizenship to Israel.

The Patriot Act was put together before 9-11. Look up the "Project for the New American Century" written in 1999. Marvin Bush, George W's brother, was the head of security for the Twin Towers until Sept 10, 2001. hmmmm There is much more about 9-11 I will get into later. It involves the stolen gold under the towers and the Chinese.

One thing she does not mention is that Hitler visited the Tavistock Institute in England in 1912-13 as was mind controlled. There is evidence of others like Stalin and Mussolini being mind controlled, too. John Lennon, of the Beatles, went public (just before he was assassinated in Dec 1980) talking about how the powers that be used the Beatles for their plans and also about the Tavistock Institute. Guess who was involved with the assassination? President #41, George or Poppy Bush!

There were rumors that Poppy Bush had JFK jr. killed. Janet seems to make a case later on in the Documentary that JFK jr. may have faked his own death. JFK jr. was also friends with President Trump. hmmm...

The 6th head of the 7 headed beast was Rome. It received a deadly wound in AD 476. It came back to life under Justinian 1 in the early/mid 6th century, as he united the whole empire back together by subduing three of the 10 horns, (Daniel 7), the Ostrogoths, the Visogoths and the Vandals. He created new laws that enabled the Church in Rome to become powerful and corrupt. In AD 525, when Justinian 1 was crowned Caesar: under Pope John, Dionysus Exiguus came up with the Anno Domini or AD idea for the calendar.

Janet weaves us through the history of the Khazars, who are not really true practicing Jews. Orthodox Jews are really against Zionism (see Video)  

The Book of Revelation focuses on the successive kingdoms from Babylon down to the final 8th head that ruled (rules) God's people. Babylon came out of Sumer, the same as the Khazars and Canaanites, (who as God warned in Exodus), put their children through the fire: a demonic ritual sacrifice to Baal or Molech, where they ate the flash and drank the blood of these poor children.

Interestingly, God does predict through the Old Testament prophets that there would be a second regathering of His ancient people to the Holy Land, but it was done by the Zionists, not God, Himself.

How far down the "rabbit hole" do you want to go?