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Christian Patriot Media Group

Although Janet tries to convince us that what she is about to divulge to us is good, I find it more "bitter sweet" than good: much like eating the sweet Gospel scroll that turns bitter in your stomach. The fight is on. We are in that final battle between good and evil as prophesied in Revelation. We had better wake up to the fact that we are God's soldiers on the earth, and its time we fight the good fight of faith in a way the Kingdom as never fought before.

The themes in this episode are 9-11, Satan in the Vatican, Vaccines, Mind Control, Subliminal Sex and Violence in Cartoons, Spyware, Monsanto: Agent Orange and Round-Up, Media Complicity, Trump's Rise, Wikileaks, the Clinton Death Trail (only a few are shown here, there are many: do your own research).

Janet's mention of the weakness of the planes that hit Bldg's 1 & 2 is only true to a certain extent: the plane could not have taken out the strong core of the building, but through sheer speed, could have penetrated the outside and obviously did.

The false flag of 9-11, by itself, is a huge study of its own. She doesn't mention that Building 7 wasn't hit by a plane, had only a few fires and fell at free fall speed into its own footprint, which is impossible without a controlled demolition.  This explains the rise of the so called Patriot Act, which like Haman in the Bible will likely be used against these "deep state" traitors, as Trump ships them off to military tribunals at Gitmo. For starters see Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. Keep digging, you'll find more.

Malachi Martin Exposes Satan in the Vatican

MK Ultra CIA Mind Control Victim Cathy O'Brien Speaks Out