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I have followed Bradley and his Blustar Market Timer service for more than 5 years.

His blend of astro-cycles with technical analysis combined with his adaptability to, and recognition of, modern day algorithms that create chart patterns, has come to a level, where, he has predicted almost every important market move in the S&P 500.

I consider it indispensable to my everyday practice.

A Gem !

YC , CFO and Investment Manager, Family Office, London, UK

As a former Dean at a prominent Ivy League University, I have met and worked with many brilliant people. Bradley is in that select category and he applies his intelligence to timing the market. From what I have experienced personally, I can truthfully say he is the amongst the very best at what he does."

BJS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Bradley goes above and beyond using various technical indicators, cycles, analogy, etc. He is vital to my own trading strategy. Highly recommended."

Joseph VanDerveer, Editor of "Double Play Options", Phillipsburg, NJ

"I just want to say................beautiful research."

Ron. C., Lakewood Ranch, FL

"I don't know how often you hold a position over the weekend (I'll admit it makes me a bit nervous), but you do seem to have an uncanny sense of market direction. Even though I have only been with you a short time, I am very impressed with your patience and timing when taking trades. Well done. Thanks and keep up the good work!"

Andrea B. Kellyville, OK

"Good morning. I have been with your system for less than a month now and while I cannot trade 100% of your trades (I trade a little over half), my account is up over $3600. This is better than I have done with any other system and for a lower subscription cost. You are doing a GREAT job! Keep up the good work. Very happy!"

Andrea B., Kellyville, OK

''The last weeks, the majority of analysts have been calling for a big move in either way. Instead, the US equity markets essentially have not gone anywhere. Nevertheless, in such a difficult market you managed to capture the major swings in the S&P 500. This requires a great degree of market experience and excellent trading skills. Congratulations!''

P. Papadopoulos, Greece


I am a new member to your service and have to say I am thrilled to have found you! Your email above is where you have helped me most. I have been trading for several years now, with some success and many failures. :) I find the most difficult decision for me to make is when to sell or when to stay on the sidelines. I, too, agree that protecting principle is key, but this is sometimes hard to remember when you're trading on your own - for you can easily get caught up with the excitement of the market. While we may have given up potential gains by selling early, I have protected my principle and more importantly, am sitting with a very nice profit since signing up for your service!!

Thank you-

J. H. , Leesburg, VA


You had a really good month from where I am sitting. I made some money with your ideas and I appreciate that. I am planning to renew my subscription today. You hung in there when your moves were questioned and were not afraid to reevaluate and communicate your ideas as they developed.

Tom. S, Springfield, TN


I am a first week subscriber and have profited and made approximately $5000 my first week with you. Market conditions were extremely volatile and hard to read through a variety of economic reports from the FOMC and other major reports. Through it all, though, you managed to keep us on track with many updates and put a nice profit in my account. Thank you, I look forward to many more.


Brian S., Ridgefield, CT

Hi Brad,

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to trade your system. It’s now been about a month since I started trading and my accounts are up around 6% over that period. Thanks to this as well as some earlier gains during the year in biotechnology ETFs (and also when I was manually trading your system in March and April) my account value is now at its peak! I’m very pleased and look forward to continued success!

Best Regards,

Jacques A., Toledo, OH

Hi Brad,

I have been subscribing to your service for a few months now and have done very well. I currently receive your emails on my account but these emails always arrive late on my iPhone as they use "fetch" instead of "push" technology. This has cost me some money as I have received your signals late. Can you please redirect your emails to my email address which uses the "push" system?


Anonymous, Saskatchewan, Canada


Even though this has been an extremely volatile year, your service has been worthwhile in helping me reach my best returns since 2009. I'm up more than 23% on my account and other money I manage for my family...collectively up about 150K, with only about 25-35% actual maximum exposure at any time, meaning the remainder has been sitting in cash. It hasn't been without stress due to the nature of these extreme swings as well as the triple leverage funds you are using, but your analysis has been most helpful and I believe next year it will be even more important, which is why I want to keep with your service.

I have to say I have learned a lot this year from trading in my own account, thanks to you. Normally, I only buy what I know, namely, oil stocks and large dividend paying stocks. Ironically though, I have made about 80% of my returns this year from trading in and out of NUGT and DUST. The rest have been from swing trading out of the indexes, gold stocks and trading short. I had some large draw downs which I rode out, learning years ago never to panic.

This year has been brutal. Your service has been the first I have used in years. Your approach is eclectic but I believe your reasoning and use of Elliott Wave, the stars and your experience is rather unique. I always take blame when a trade goes against me, so even when you are taking a stake in an ETF, it's always up to me to decide whether I believe you're reading the market correctly.

I have followed most of your trades. Much of my returns were earned in 6 months, not a whole year, as I trade very conservatively. Your instincts are good, so even if you had a tough year, I would say you got the overall direction right, which most professionals this year failed to do, and why I have decided you are worth sticking with, especially going into next year, which I see as being very brutal for most. Honestly, I can't wait for next year and all the volatility which I believe most can't see coming.

Will renew for a year.

All the best,

Michael S.

Santa Fe, NM

Hi Brad

New subscriber here. To say I am impressed would be a phenomenal understatement! Wow.

Good Trading!

Craig J.

British Columbia, Canada

Fabulous Brad ,

For one more time,

You were amazing on both, GLD and SPX ,

You can record this on your website ,


London, England


As a new student to your newsletter.... 'YOU', obviously, have a gift and a rare insight into a corridor of creation that few people could ever imagine or view... Delightful..!

Thank you...

Chris Miller,