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Christian Patriot Media Group

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Our main focus in supporting us, is to first support you. Our "Project Velocity" opportunity is available FREE to all "Eagles Over America" members.  Joining "Eagles Over America" is also FREE.

"Project Velocity" is about taking back the "Spirit of America" by increasing our wealth fast, while at the same time increasing our health naturally.

Most don't know that one measure of wealth is accomplished through money velocity, which is a measure of how fast money changes hands.

The "Project Velocity" system is a complex. but fair one. It shares the wealth at the same time as we share how to keep and maintain our health.

Rebuilding our own economy as well as our own personal health is the key to surviving the future!

.We also have a market newsletter called BluStar Market Insights that has an 80% accuracy rating in forecasting the stock market. We offer e-mail updates daily, as well as text alerts when to buy and sell key Exchange Traded Funds, known as ETF's.

We also have a music publishing and recording business site called Droning Foghorn Music Group where you can purchase our very own Christian and Patriotic/Americana Songs.

We also have unique products that naturally increase the health of plants, animals and humans through SUDEVTEK

We have an 80% accuracy rating when forecasting the stock market as well as the precious metals market. 

We also look into our Socio-Political/Economic Future!

 Get Informed!

 Be Informed! 

Stay Informed!

Our very own 12 song,  Americana CD: "Snapshot of America" by Eagle River Highway is just $20 (incl. S&H, USA only) and includes a free download. Single and album downloads are also available.

We only have 200 CD's left of the original master copy done in 2010.

Feel Inspired!

                       Be Inspired!

                                          Stay Inspired!


We have the answer to the coming weather (global cooling), polluted soil & food crisis. Our products HarvestGold and Water Energizers are the answer to growing your own food economically and safely.

We are not about GREEN, we are about LEAN & CLEAN!

Join the Movement!

Be the Movement!

Share the Movement!