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Christian Patriot Media Group

Soaring Eagles have access to their own private Wholesale Buyer's Club and to a worldwide growing economic trend that is looking toward natural health remedies as opposed to medical solutions, which often times either do not work or have too many side effects.

Soaring Eagles realize that a healthy body can naturally ward off disease, and that the medical establishment's so called vaccines are proven to be far more harmful than the disease.

Soaring Eagles realize that the Marxist "Cancel Culture Movement" is a dangerous attempt at trying to silence the people's voices and that we must come together in every way in order to survive.

Soaring Eagles have access to discounts on other participating Soaring Eagle members' business products and services simply by joining the free CTFO opportunity and presenting their CTFO membership number.

Soaring Eagles who begin at the Silver, Gold or Platinum level and continue to climb higher will have access to information and opportunities not afforded those Eagles who are still in the nest. 

Nested Eagles can benefit through other Soaring Eagles' work through their matrix pay plan and through access to superior natural health products. It is up to each individual the path they wish to choose.

The harder you work, the more you make for yourselves and others.

This is the Law of Responsibility and Increase as taught by Jesus.

Together, we are unstoppable!

The Soaring Eagles Club

The Soaring Eagles Club is an elite club of patriots from all over the globe who are willing to do something about our situation, not just sitting around complaining about the way things are, but they actually believe faith is an action word. They care about their families, their communities, their country and the world!

There are 3 starter levels​ of top SEC members: Silver, Gold and Platinum

Joining is FREE, but actual freedom is never free. A Soaring Eagle knows this.

 CTFO is a Christian Organization that cares about people.

We understand that the faster we share, the faster we can help others.

The faster money changes hands and the more hands that are involved, 

the more true wealth is created and shared more evenly.

We are all about sharing and helping others.

CTFO stands for: Change the Future Outcome

CTFO is currently available in these countries and growing:
















U.K. (Including: Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland)

U.S.A. (Including: Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico)

Are you ready to Change Your Future Outcome?

We invite you to view this video.