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Christian Patriot Media Group

The Journey on the Road to Freedom!

"This Has to Stop 'Freedom' Rally" August  21, 2022

By Brad Gudgeon, Editor CPM

To say that the journey my wife, Pamela and I took that Sunday to Primm Springs, TN was memorable is an understatement to say the least. I talked to people, while Pam focused her Nikon 7500 and took remarkable landscape pictures of the journey there and the event.

The journey itself, to the backwoods enclave of Primm Springs, TN (about 50 miles SW of Nashville) was as unique as the people themselves. The "This Has Stop to Freedom Rally" was graciously hosted by Mark and Sharon Pawlak and included both speakers and singers (unfortunately we couldn't stay long as we were 40 minutes late due to our navigation going out twice and the crooked sign post, which led us in the wrong direction on Dog Creek Rd.)....

and so this is what we saw..

We finally found our bearings! Wow! What beautiful countryside (if you don't mind a few bumps on a winding road, actually, quite a few)! 

There is something extraordinarily beautiful about this place that we had never before experienced....not just the place... but the people...

...and this was the first time Pam 

ever took her Nikon 7500 out to the country...

I just have to say that my wife is new at using professional cameras, and for a novice to be able to take great pictures like this elderly man and edit it like this takes more than just a mastery of the camera, but a true eye for the extraordinary!

...faces tell a story that words cannot...

My wife and I marveled at the somber... as they listened to a daughter whose mother was injured by the Medical Industrial Complex, as they gave her Remdesivir during the "Globalist Engineered <COVID> Fake Plandemic", which is known to shut your kidney's down. They sure made a lot of money didn't they...and at what cost?

...a picture paints a thousand words...

This frame is just stunning! The diversity we witnessed of young and old, all skin shades (mine is pink), all united in a common cause is unbeatable! 

...and here is the daughter whose mother was injured by

Medical Tyranny...'s me talking with Cynthia Holloway...who invited us...

Cynthia and I met as Facebook friends soon after Bruce Bellott sang our song, "We Ain't Goin' Away" on a Tea Party Music Video, produced by Pennsylvania Legislator, Russ Diamond back in September 2010. Here we meet for the first time in person.

So hostess Sharon Pawlak sez to me (soon after I gave her our Eagle River Highway CD...), "so you're the one who wrote 'We Ain't Goin' Away' "... and I sez, "Yeah, that's me. Actually, I wrote it with my wife, and Bruce Bellott contributed a little".....and then she starts singing the hook:" We Ain't Goin' Away, We Ain't Goin' Away, We the People Are Talkin' and We Got Something to Say"..........

So nice to be remembered after 12 years!

...and here's me introducing J.J. Holloway to Pam...

Sunday was the first time I communicated with Cynthia's husband....nice guy... "Eagles and the American Flag!" 

I'm proud to be an American...

where at least I know I'm free....

"Christian Patriot Americans to the Maximus or What?"...

Why Don't We Continue the Remainder of the Journey 

Through a "Slideshow Presentation"...but first...

....I just want to say that we went to the rally as Goodwill Ambassadors for our Lord and Savior, King Jesus. We brought 11 CD's of our 12 original songs "Eagle River Highway: Snapshot of America" recorded in 2010 right here in Music City, TN - Nashville - and gave them out to the Sharon Pawlak so to give to the singers and speakers at this rally. Because we were late, we had limited time to visit and hear all the speakers, let alone the singers, which sadly we missed completely.

We also brought some some of our miracle product, HarvestGold, and gave it to the Pawlaks, enough to spray 6 acres of food bearing plants to start the process of getting ready for the even greater food shortages we (and others) see ahead soon! 2 Chronicles 7:14 - "If My people... who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Jesus gave me a 4-point plan in a vision back in late February, 2022 (see the 2 interviews I did with America Unhinged). The best way to remember it, goes like this: Teaching, Health, Feeding, Music, which was the reverse order I received them.

Many have been injured (even killed) by the mRNA vaccines (which aren't vaccines at all), hospital protocols and even the man-made COVID Virus itself (we never took the shot because we were aware of the dangers already back in early 2020 when it started and never got sick with COVID)...which brings me to the 2nd miracle and that is CBDa. Hemp derived CBDa stops COVID and HIV dead in their tracks and helps heal the immune system, which the shots, drugs and viruses destroy. We have access to the only shelf stable CBDa on the market today and it's with a Christian Company. This is what we call Project Velocity.

Many people will still get sicker and sicker, and many will likely die unless they utilize proper natural protocols, including "we believe" CBDa. We will be posting those protocols by Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Mercola ASAP on this website. Meanwhile, go learn about the miracle plant product CBDa here on this link when you have time, and then watch the important video links. The Luciferian Evil that still runs the world economic system, are still experimenting with bio-weapons all over the world and John Paul Jackson's Prophecy predicts a worse pandemic than COVID to come, which he said was just fear. A word to the wise!

The last thing is Teaching. My conversion at the age of 19 came with a vision, promise and a task and that task is being implemented as we help God's people in the time we are in right now . When 9-11 happened, we knew that it was an inside job, but few believed us, or rather decided not to go there as it was too painful to bear. Now, enough have woken up to be a formidable army. The wars of the past, especially since 1914, were all started by the same corrupt families that were involved with COVID, the vaccine, HIV etc. This war is a Holy War with Jesus and His army against Lucifer and his army. We are in the time of the "Judgement of the Nations" spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

Unfortunately, many have been deceived by improper interpretations of the Bible, which for the most part were concocted by these very same evil family bloodlines and power hungry people who joined with them over past decades and centuries. We prove that the Anglo-American Alliance (1913), Shadow Banking Cartel (1776) and the United Nations (1945) are found easily in the books of Daniel and Revelation. In order to fight an enemy, one must first know who that enemy is and their weaknesses (and there are many), as well as who we are with King Jesus and our strengths, which are many.

God Bless and Enjoy the Rest of the Journey, Because in the End, We Win!

Brad R. Gudgeon


Christian Patriot Media

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