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Christian Patriot Media Group

We Invite You to Join Us as We Connect the Dots. The Shocking Events America is Going Through, Didn't Just Happen Overnight! 

If You Want to Know What is Really Going on Right Now, You Must Understand History.

The Battle We Are Fighting Right Now is First a Spiritual Battle and Then it Becomes Manifest in our Tangible Reality.

Become Partners with Us by Becoming an "Eagle Over America." Join FREE

We Keep You Informed What is Going on Behind the Scenes, and What We Expect Next.

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We Tie Current Events to Past Events Through

 Videos, Documentaries and Important Website Links.

Become an Informed Christian Patriot Citizen: Let Us Help You Sift Through all the Disinformation That Has Literally

Been Going on for Hundreds of Years!



Lucifer and his Minions are Masters of Disinfo---

God is a God of Mystery, but He is not a God of Confusion.

Before We Can Defeat the Enemy, We Must Understand Who They Are and How They Work.

God's Plan for Us is to Help Make the Bride Ready

for the Battles Ahead!

The Church Must Come Together as One:

This is a Mandate from Heaven.

There is a War Going on for Our Very Minds and Souls, Therefore We Must Learn How to

  Sidestep the Luciferian Mind Control Grid.

We Must Learn How to Stand Up and Fight 3 Beasts:

The Beast Without (Leviathan),  

the Beast Within (Behemoth)

and the Beast that Surrounds Us (The Image)!

Lucifer is the Dragon that Controls These 3 Beasts.

We Must Understand What These Beasts Are, Where They Came From and Where They Are Going.

The Kingdom of God is a Monarchy that is Ruled by 

"King Jesus the Messiah" from Heaven.  

We are His Subjects Here on Earth.

A King is Nothing Without His Kingdom, and a Kingdom is Nothing Without Their King!

God's Desire is to Join His Kingdom Together

with the "True American People"

(as it was founded in 1776).

This Holy Alliance is Destined to Take Over the World 

and Free the People from Luciferian Oppression. 

Christian Patriots Must Take the Lead 

in Calming the Chaos that is Here (with more coming) 

and Unite the Country Back Together!