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Christian Patriot Media Group

We Write and Produce Americana and Christian Music

Eagle River Highway "Snapshot of America" was our only Americana music album produced in 2010 for the Tea Party Movement. We have rewritten some of the words for today's time (new lyrics found at Eagle River Highway), but have not yet gone back into the studio to re-record the songs with other artists, which we intend to do with proper funding.

Many of the songs became hits around the world (especially "Heartbreak City"), but, ironically only "We Ain't Goin' Away" was a Tea Party hit here in the very country which birthed the 12 song compilation. Unfortunately, our founder, Brad Gudgeon, had his high end vocal cords paralyzed because of spinal surgery on his neck in 2019 and cannot re-sing these songs (unless God heals him). 

With proper funding, we intend to bring these songs and many more to the Patriotic public as a reminder of the way things used to be.  Many of us yearn for those days.

We will need new singers, and welcome new ideas and collaborations.

Rivergate Skyway is intended for more spiritual leaning music and less secular (notwithstanding, 

Eagle River Highway's songs has spiritual qualities to them with biblical hidden meanings and the American Dream as its main theme).

Up and coming, "Whispers in the Wind", a music video tribute to Donald J. Trump 

and also to those who have never stopped proclaiming light into a dark world and the Ballad of Lavoy Finicum (The Day the Cowboy Died), the true story of his murder brought about by Obama/Biden/Hillary thugs in January 2016. One other song being written is called "Another Trail of Tears".

Click here to get your free download of "We Ain't Goin' Away" 

Listen to Eagle River Highway's 2010 album "Snapshot of America".

Listen to 15 of our very own Christian Song Home demos