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Christian Patriot Media Group




Our Methodology

We look at Various Cycles, Elliott Wave Theory, Gann Theory, Sentiment (Greed vs. Fear), Fibonacci Relationships, Charting Techniques and Technical Indicators (not necessarily in that order), and give statistical projections based on historical models.

This is not a perfect science. It is as much an art as it is a science. We aspire to come close to perfection, and we are constantly changing our projections as the market fluctuates on all time frames, shorter term to longer term: much like forecasting the weather.

We look at the long term, intermediate term and short term indications for those who buy and hold, trend trade and swing trade.

We personally like trading the 3X SPX Bull/Bear ETF's: SPXL, SPXS and the 3X Bull/Bear GDX ETF's NUGT and DUST as well as the Volatility ETF UVXY.

We look at other indices like the NASDAQ , Dow 30, NYSE Composite and Russell 2000 in relation to the SPX to keep us in focus to market conditions and negative/positive inter-market divergences. This is true also with gold, silver vs. the mining shares.

We do not give exact trade signals. We only communicate what we are thinking. Many of our subscribers trade futures, options and other trading vehicles of their choice.

Our "in depth" statistical research helps our clients increase their understanding of how markets work, as it balances with their own understanding of how markets work.

We ask that you use common sense and proper stops in order to limit risk when trading or investing.