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Christian Patriot Media Group

John Paul Jackson Prophecies

(Birth 1950 - Death 2016)

Concerning the Perfect Storm Starting in 2020 &

Revealed in 2008 to John and 2012 to the World

(comments in red, ours)

Too Big to Fail – Fails – Nations Bank being pushed

Decay in America - Is the Infrastructure of America beyond repair?  Let's GO Brandon!

The Rise and Fall of the political parties – New third party gains ground. You Think?

The Washington Monument tilts more, Delays announced to other Monument repairs

The Great divide – The new Normal on the Mississippi River. New Madrid Fault?

Washington DC Riots continue. Sound Familiar?

Chicago up in Arms – Death Toll Mounts. This too...

Where is The Navy – Why didn’t we See it Coming?

New United America being Pushed 

– Canada, Mexico, USA in Talks - New Currency: the Amero?

GPS loses it GPS – How Long Until We Know Where We Are?

 Pole Shift/Solar Flares?

Three Planes down from Solar Tsunami – Search Continues. We are in a 34/17 year solar cycle of Solar Ejections like 

 1989, 2006/1955,1972 etc.  Peaks in 2023...

Volcano Erupts Near Tokyo, 7 Million Dead, Another Million Missing. Wow!

City Tunnels Closed after bomb

New Years Terror – Out With the New, in With the Old

Record Set for Number of Cities with Riot Curfews

Martial Law to be extended for 30 More Days

Military Cuts Number of Soldiers

Nuclear Disaster Under the High Seas

Ocean Temperature Rise Spreading – Millions of fish dying

Blight in Grains Spreading-

 Our very own Harvest Gold formula can fix that problem!

Drought Continues to cause Prayer to Rise. Yep! But Hank Kunneman Recently Prophesied Rain Coming...& did

NFL Postpones all Games Until Answer Found

Does God Play Softball? – Hail the size of softballs destroy thousands of homes and Autos

The North Pole is Now Found in North Russia

Cyber Attack Cripples Grid – 

Multiple Collapses with Restart Efforts

More Explosions in Tel Aviv – Radioactive traces found

Politics and Trust the new Oxymoron

What other Secret Weapons Does Israel Have? – Has Israel Played all it’s Cards?

Loss of Identity – The Cost to Belong to the New Euro Community

Radical Solutions Create Shockwave – Administration says, “We Ran Out of Answers”

Israel says if Missiles hit Jerusalem, Mecca will be hit within minutes

Record High Temps Accompany Record Drought Swept South-  Happening this year...

Demand for Classic Seeds Skyrocket. The Coming Food Shortage... Harvest Gold and 

Magnetic Resonance to the Rescue?

Derivative Panic Hits Global Markets

Food Prices Lead Nation’s Escalating-

 Inflation Woes 2022 just beginning... 

Sysco Co and Kraft Considers Guards on Delivery Trucks as Food Nears 40% of the Family Budget

Big Regulations Hit Small Banks

Credit Markets Freeze Up

The New Face of Robinhood – Flash Mobs Loot Rich Neighborhoods. Already happening...