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Christian Patriot Media Group

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Eagles Over America

We are in a state of war!

Insurrection Act likely signed early on Jan 10, 2021

Be safe, tell your neighbors to stay calm and do not interfere with authorities as we go into Marshall Law

Reports of military movements all over the country.

Washington, DC is being occupied by National Guard into March ! More arriving every day!

Possible loss of Internet, Social Media and Periodic Blackouts (Electrical) coming especially in areas of the country where mass arrests may occur.

Make sure you have 15-30 days of food and water stored up, plus batteries in case of power outages. Generators may be needed.

Listen to Radio/TV for Emergency Broadcasts.

Many things about to be revealed!

Arrests, resignations about to happen! 

Conflicts Over Taiwan with China Being Reported!

Chinese ships & submarines being reported off West Coast!

Port of LA being slowed down due to reported Chinese arms being smuggled in!

Reports of concertina wire being installed inside perimeter fences of Capitol and White House to keep people in! 

Reports of trip gates reversed to keep people in DC on exit roads.

Reports of FCC visits to TV Stations and 911 Centers Regarding Coming EAS Broadcast


Buckle up!  Stay tuned!

Insurrection Act 2021

News Feed


Dick Allgire Remote Viewer

Sees Trump Announcing

Insurrection Act to Public 12/20/20


Interview with Gen. Flynn

Jan 7, 2021


17 Global Militaries Under Trump?

Scott McKay: 1776 Republic


The United States Corporation of 1871 Explained

and How It Enslaved Us

1776 Republic


Proof Dick Allgire Saw Attack on Capitol and Future Events


Major General William Walker Gives Hints of Peaceful Transition to Military Power!


Trump Leaves Letter to Biden on His Desk!


Dr. Patricia Receives Dreams from God about Trump's Second Term


Is the Military Setting a Trap?


Kim Clement

Two Presidents Prophecy


The Marshall Report:

Trump Ode to the US Corporation


Flash Point: Do Not Give Up!

Dutch Sheets, Hank Kunneman

Mike Lindell


Read: Kim Clement on 2 Justices Resigning,

Highly Embarrassing Moments for the Democrats and Republicans, 

God is Dissatisfied with Both Parties!



We Are Coming Into a Volatile Point in History

BluStar Market Insights



America's Frontline Doctors:

The Truth About the COVID Vaccines


Stock Market rallying as predicted!

We are likely close to the Trump Announcement: It could happen this weekend, or the middle of next week or as late as March 17/18.  The market will likely fall due to rising interest rates anyway, so it is hard to pin point an exact date for the expected coup de grace!



The Dow Jones Industrials made a new high on Friday, but all the other indexes failed. There were failing indexes on 



Warning, warning, the stock market is ready to crash!

Working hard on the video!!!



Today Saturn Squares Uranus: We are entering an extremely volatile time in history



I'm posting market charts on the Trump Announcement Page, SEE HOME.  Please contact us to get special password to the page.  The stock market is about to top BIG time.



I'm busy with a major announcement  for EOA members regarding the coming stock market crash, how to prepare for it, and profit from it; the coming Trump Insurrection Act announcement, when it will likely happen, and how to prepare for it too: also the PLAN to take back America economically and for God, and spreading it to the world.

Eagles Over America




I told my subs to go short the precious metals yesterday and today Gold is down $46!

Silver is $4 off the $30 high set on Monday. I said on this thread on Monday that silver looked toppy.

The ETF DUST is up 6%!

I believe I now know when Trump will give his speech!

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It is FREE!



The precious metals looks vulnerable until now the 5th of Feb and may take down the stock market with it into the 8th. I'm neutral (it could go either way) on the stock market 

and bearish on the metals.

I encourage everyone who reads this to join EOA, as I'm working on The Plan and it is going to be BIG!

I'm making a separate channel 

on Telegram for news for EOA members called CPM News.

I warned people months ago about NewsMax 

and its CIA connections!



I have set up the Eagles Over America Telegram Channel 

and will be sharing it soon with EOA Members only.

The S&P 500 broke above 3793 this morning meaning new highs ahead for the stock market by Feb 8 possible.

Silver hit a new recovery high to over $30 Monday and today is down over 10%! Nailed it!



I am reading so much disinfo out there it isn't funny.  Sifting through the mess has been a real chore. Basically what is happening, is the same old Hegelian Dialectic at work: mix truth with a lie!

I'm going to start placing more on the other general news feed and also new documentaries.

I'm setting up a Patriot Group and also Telegram Channel.  If Apple takes the Telegram App off their store, you can still access it by the web.

I'm going to activate the PLAN ASAP!

The stock market is up as expected today.  Silver got a short squeeze to $30 the ounce today, but looks toppy here.

The S&P 500 needs to get over 3793, and if it does, we should see another top by the 17th of Feb and a new high. 


Just reading about DUMB's or 

"Deep Underground Military Bases"

Cathy O'Brien o f Trans Formation of America, who was an MK Ultra survivor, talks about meeting Bush Sr. Cheny and Swartzenegger at the Shasta DUMB back in the early 2000's.



I didn't know this until now, but Simone Gold, spokesperson for Frontline Doctors was arrested 9 days ago for her part in entering the Capitol on Jan 6.  We all know that Antifa and BLM actors were bussed in and others were complicit in setting this thing up.  She said she has no regrets.


Please join us at Eagles Over America

E-Mails will be coming from Droning Foghorn Music and [email protected]


 I (Brad Gudgeon) had a word from the Lord in the summer of 2020 "I have given you two terms"