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Christian Patriot Media Group




Glossary of Terms We Use

TD = Trading Day

IMP = Irregular Megaphone Pattern (3 touch points and a final impulse )IMP's retrace back to near touch points 1 & 2 (which are close together.

MP = Megaphone Pattern or Broadening Top Formation (BTF)

TLC = Trend Line Convergence (rising tops and bottoms lines

that converge denote a buy point; opposite for declining tops

and bottoms)

RW = Rising Wedges create waterfall declines

(sometimes the wedge is broken only to have price re-enter

the wedge before true waterfall action begins)

DW = Declining Wedge (opposite of a rising wedge)

RBL = Rising Bottoms Line (connects 2 or more rising price points)

DTL = Declining Tops Line (opposite of an RBL)

VLT = Very Long Term (Follows E-Wave Major Moves Over Years)

LT = Long Term (3, 4 and 7 Year Cycles)

IT = Intermediate Term (20/40 week and 18 mo. cycles)

ST = Short Term (Follows Gann 16 TD and 5-7/9-11 week cycles

VST = Very Short Term (Follows Gann 4 and 8 TD Cycles)

G 4, 8, 16, 32, 64: Gann daily cycles (lo, hi)

G4 is +/- 1 TD's, G8 is +/- 2 TD's, G16 is +/- 4 TD's

(sometimes, but rarely a G8 runs 11 TD's and a G16 runs 21 TD's)

Weekly Cycles: 5 (22-28 TD's), 10 (44-56 TD's), 20 (85-115 TD's),

40 (170-230 TD's).

7 week cycles: 7 (31-39 TD's), 14, 21

Monthly Cycles: 9, 18, 36. Gold runs a 32 month cycle.  Lately the 18 month has been running about 15-16 mos., and the 9 mo. about 7-8 months. 16 month top due June 2021, and 16/32 month low due late August or early Sept 2021.

Yearly Cycles: 3.0, 4.0/8.0 (stock market), 3.5-4.0/7.0-8.0, 15.0-16.0,

30-32; 60-64 (gold). We are repeating a 4-year cycle from 2015/16 (China/Gold/Stocks)

7-Year Cycles, 20, 40 and 80-Year cycles, 90-Year cycles,

240-Year cycles.

The 7-Year Cycle is known as the Shabbat Cycle and

has some variance in effect. Last seen in 2001 (9/11), 2008 (Market/Housing Crash), 2015 (Chinese Yaun Devaluation and market turmoil) and due again in 2022. Earlier years include: 1917 (US entry into WW1), 1924 (Real Estate Crashes), 1931 (near Depression lows), 1938 (stock market crash), 1945 (end of WW2), 1952 (end of Korean War), 1959 (Cuba), 1966 (Vietnam War), 1973 (Arab Oil Embargo), 1980 (Inflation peak), 1987 (Stock market crash), 1994 (Bond Market crash).

The 20/40 and 80-Year cycles are part of the generation cycles.

The 90-Year is a deflation cycle (1932 due around 2022 +/- 2 years) and the 240-Year is a political revolution cycle (12 generation cycles) from around 1776/1794, e.g. American and French Revolutions now due 2016-2034.

The 80-Year (or 4 generation) cycle is also a major market volatility/war cycle associated with Uranus in Taurus in which we will be in until 2026. It is during these times that we see major banking changes, market volatility, steep rises and crashes that tend to lead up to a major crisis war. For the USA that would be around 2025. For Europe that may be earlier by 2 years.

Benner's Cycle is based on repeating Fibonacci sequences. 


Market timers can and do make mistakes. We are not registered investment advisors. Past performance is never a guarantee of future performance. 

We chart and analyze the Stock Market, Precious Metals and related trading vehicles, and the subscriber must transpose the information to fit their vehicle of choice if different than what we trade. Re-subscription is not automatic unless stated. 

Subscriber must re-up when subscription period ends on non-renewal subscriptions. A friendly reminder will be sent by e-mail when a non-auto renewal subscription is about to end. All sales final.


Elliott Wave Theory = Markets move up in 5 waves, down in 3 completing an octave. 5 waves up = 1 up, 2 down, 3 up, 4 down, 5 up. 3 waves down = a down, b up, c down (x,y,z and w,x,y are irregular, overlapping a,b,c waves).

E-Wave Degrees: Grand Super Cycle, Super Cycle, Cycle, Intermediate, major, minor, minute, minuette, sub-minuette.

MAJOR RULES- Wave 4 cannot pass wave 1.

Equality of Waves Principle: 2 waves in a 5 wave sequence often equal in time, price or both. Occurs also with Waves a and c.

Rule of Extensions: At least one of the 5 wave sequences will extend into a 9 wave sequence.

Rule of Alternation: If Wave 2 is simple, then Wave 4 will become complex and visa versa.

Waves 4 and B are often trend line or channel breakers.

If wave 3 was shorter than wave 1 (wave 1 was the extended wave), wave 5 cannot be longer than wave 3

Triangles (a,b,c,d,e) only occur in Waves 4 or B.

P/C Ratio (put/call ratio) is a psychological indicator suggesting extremes in bullishness or bearishness in option players should be seen as contrarian.

Double tops or double bottoms are divergence reversal patterns.

Bradley = Astro indicator suggesting a possible turn in the markets. Best used with other indicators and cycles, not as a stand alone.

New moons and full moons (often seen at highs or lows).

Astro Aspects = bands of time where markets have a high per- centage chance of reversing the trend.

"Divergences: Positive and Negative Divergences can come in many forms with many different oscillators and in many time frames (5,15, 30, 60 120 min., daily, weekly, monthly). We call these "POS D's and NEG D's". They tend to come early before reversals and we alert you to them along with cycle analysis for more accurate timing.

There are momentum oscillators (stochastics, MACD, RSI); volume oscillators and advance/decline oscillators (McClellan); price oscillators (PPO). Divergences can also occur in different indexes domestic and worldwide."

Gaps = break away, continuation, exhaustion. Gaps don't always get filled, but often times do, especially later in a trend.

Candlesticks are Japanese in origin like: evening star, morning star, harami, doji, spinning top. They tend to offer per centage odds on pattern recognition, reversals etc. Must be used with other analysis, not as a stand alone!

"Nothing ever happens exactly as it did perfectly, but history rhymes. We can only begin to understand where we are and where are going when we study where we've been." Brad G.