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Christian Patriot Media Group

The Fall of the Cabal

A 17 Part Documentary of the Rise of the Illuminati (Shadow Government)

Dutch Journalist, Janet Ossebaard's 17 pt. Documentary "The Fall of the Cabal", does a fairly good job, in my opinion, of exposing the truth regarding the rise of the Luciferian "Deep State" in America.  I, too, have been researching the so called "Shadow Government" that has been hidden behind the scenes for many years. This quest for the truth was placed into me by God when I first became a Christian in April 1974, as I actually had an encounter with Jesus and was shown a sign in the middle of night that I will never forget. 

While the details of that encounter will be revealed in the future (God willing), my current mission is to bring those who 'really want to know the truth' into the alignment with  historical facts. Truth is a hard thing to take sometimes, as it often shakes our core beliefs, which can cause a condition called "cognitive dissonance". Cognitive dissonance is like being hit with a reality hammer, which can cause us to go on tilt, so to speak. Unfortunately, it is a necessary process if we as Christians are ever able to make ourselves ready for what is coming.

On the right, are links to each of the 17 parts of the Documentary. When clicked on, it will take you to a separate page, where I explain in advance "the general theme" of that part; links to back it up and links for things missing.  There will also be periodic references to Biblical prophecies, which point out the history leading up to where we are today.

Before you take this journey, make sure you are willing to take the "red pill", because when you do,  your life will never be the same again. I want to know the truth! Don't you?

Each segment is about 15-20 minutes long long. I cannot vouch for everything she states in this documentary, because some of her information has yet to be fully verified. Nonetheless, there is enough truth there to get us into modern times and explains "why we are, where we are" at this point in history, at least in the general sense.

Things are never really "cut and dried". History is complicated, and there are many crossroads that come together, which can more fully explain the evidence as you seek it out. How far down the Rabbit Hold does this journey go? It is impossible to say, but my gut tells we have only begun to scratch the surface, and I have been doing this for 32 years.

The comments below the videos, in my opinion, are not worth reading (for the most part), as I believe there are a lot of disinfo agents and/or brainwashed individuals out there that try to create division. This is how the deep state works. I've been attacked online myself, and know their motis operandi. They are quite foul mouthed and nasty trolls. You shall know them by their fruits.

The Documentary does miss key historical facts that I will be noting as you read my sidebar on each of the 17 parts. As I find more evidence, I will add that evidence and refer back to these and other sources as God and time permit.

My job from heaven is to connect the dots, much like putting together forensic circumstantial evidence and bringing it to trial. Know this, no matter how painful the journey: "The truth shall set you free".

Bon Jour

Brad Gudgeon

Part 1 : Things That Make You Go hmmm...

Part 2: Down the Rabbit Hole

Part 3: The Alien Invasion

(no, not from outer space)

Part 4:  Child Lovers Everywhere

Part 5: Children, Art and Pizza

Part 6: Media Manipulation

Part 7: Witches and Warlocks

Part 8: Beyond Kings and Queens

Part 9: The Dawn of a New World Order

Part 10: The Return of the King

(not what you're thinking)

Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal: 

"Who Pulls the Strings? "

Part 1:

 Ancient Sumer, Khazaria, The Jesuits

 and the House of Rothschild

Part 2:

The Rise of the Illuminati, The French Revolution

 and World War 1

Part 3:

The Central Banks, Balfour Declaration

Bolshevik Revolution, The Great Depression

WW2 and Operation Paperclip

 Part 4: 

The Plan of the Zionists

   Part 5:

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion  

 Part 6:

(coming after Christmas)

 Part 7:

(coming after the New Year)