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Christian Patriot Media Group


EOA is a group of Christian American Patriots who are dedicated to spreading the true word of God and preparing the Church for the battles ahead. We Are the "Watchers on the Wall". 

I have been preparing for this day ever since I was 19 years old back in 1974, when I received a vision and message from heaven about my future mission on the earth. It has been a long, painful road for me: one of rejection from major mainline denominations and corrective spiritual growth in my own life.

The call to decode the book of Revelation began in the late 1980's. With help from above and many years of trying to figure out the maze of the mystery in the book, I finally have been able to figure out the symbols and and its historic significance to our time.

Listen to a song I wrote (along with my wife Pam and Bruce Bellott) in 2009/10 and sang on in 2010 called "Liberty", which is a song about my search for truth regarding America's decline and her unfaithfulness to the 8th head of the Beast from the Sea (found in Revelation Chapter 17), which I have found to be the Gloabalist Shadow Government (Illuminati) founded in 1776. It is also a song about my own awakening and where the blame is to be found, and that is squarely on us (God's own people) for being so blind as to allow this evil into not only America, but the entire world.

We have been seduced by smooth words not only through crooked, corrupt politicians and media hacks, but also by the twisting of Biblical doctrine and the proper exegetical approach to eschatology or the study of last days (Heb. Idiom "future") things.

We have been deceived, because we have allowed it to happen. Instead of doing our own studies, we have allowed those over us in the Church hierarchy to feed us extra-biblical doctrines without question

In essence, many pastors are ignorantly eating the very sheep they were called to protect. Like I said, much of this has been done in ignorance, but in the final analysis, ignorance of God's truth is no excuse.

Your Servant,

Brad Gudgeon

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