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Christian Patriot Media Group

A Diary of Private Study

Who Can Believe This Report? (Part 1)

By Pamela Gudgeon

For many years I have been writing studies in the OT and NT concerning the Shroud of Turin. My thoughts concerning the miracle garment initially rested on the question, "Why wouldn't the Lord have placed the Shroud of Christ in our Canonical Scriptures?" After years of study, I believe in my heart that I am able to prove that the Shroud of Turin is definitely in Scripture based on the Hebrew and Greek words, etymology and other methods of study. I began my work based on a precept of "perfect history" and then followed with a "Chiastic literary structure."

What I mean by perfect history is the order of perfect history of 1. Christ Jesus Crucified for our sins, 2. The Resurrected Christ on the third day, 3. the Resurrection and Remnant (His Miracle Shroud) He left behind, and the fact that the Holy Spirit lives in His Church (His faithful believers), those that follow Him and relate with Him. Similarly, 1. He, our Father (Abba), 2. His Son (Jesus), and 3. the Holy Spirit in His believers are alive and speak to all those who will allow Him to speak by faith. As a student of the Word of God, I can see these infallible proofs and truth patterns from the Law and the Prophets throughout the NT, including the Book of Revelation.

What I mean by Chiastic literary structure is a literary pattern using a technique in any narrative or other textual passages. An example of chiastic structure would be two ideas, A and B, together with variants of A and B, being presented as A, B, B, A.

The Structures can be in any form, even ABAB or ABABC, etc. Also a Chiasmus is a figure of speech in which the grammar of one phrase is inverted in the following phrase, such that two key concepts from the original phrase reappear in the second phrase in inverted order. It is sometimes called introverted parallelism. A simple example of ABBA is: Jesus said, “The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.”

The ABAB pattern is one that is especially important in these studies. As the division of perfect history unfolds in the passages, it is evident that many times the first A is the Sacrifice of Christ and the second A is the Resurrection of Christ, the B’s are matched with each respectively.

Briefly, I would like to share with you the first passage of scripture that revealed the Shroud of Turin to me through perfect historical order and chiastic structure.

(KJV) Isaiah 52:13-15 is a picture of the Suffering Servant. I would like to focus on verse 14 for now. It reads, “As many were astonished at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more that the sons of men.”

As we break down this verse we can raise up a revelation, much like an artist takes a plain, massive rock and breaks it down to form a beautiful structure..

A.   His visage was so marred     B. more than any man

A.  His form more       B.  than the sons of men

A.  Visage (Hebrew, 4758, mareh) this word denotes the thing that was seen, a view, his marred appearance that was seen, also it carries with it an action of looking up or looking onto.

B.  More than any man (Hebrew, 376, iysh), this word denotes an individual man or a male person.

A.   Form (Hebrew, 8389, toar) his outline and comes from (Hebrew, 8388, taar) a primitive root denoting the action word delineate, meaning to describe something precisely. Also, in Hebrew it means to be drawn or marked out; an outline.

B.  Sons of Men (Hebrew, 120, adam) a human being or the species, mankind, etc.

Notice that the first part regards the Sacrifice of one man, the second part regards the Resurrection for mankind.   His "form" is describing something that was drawn or marked out as in an outline. We are seeing, through the Hebrew words, the whole order of the Promise of Christ Crucified, His Resurrection, and the remnants He left behind, His drawing and His People. 

This chiastic form is an ABAB, however, we can restate this verse using the Hebrew words as was intended by the author, Isaiah: (doubtful that Isaiah had the full understanding of his own words though)

His physical appearance that is seen, in an action of looking up or looking onto, is so marred more than any individual male and his outline, drawing, or mark more than all of mankind. This historical word picture, the proper balance, and the chiastic order is extant today.  

So, does this mean that the creation of the first remnant, the Burial Shroud of Christ (the visible picture of the marred Christ) and the hidden Resurrection (made by the Holy Spirit on the Shroud) is a parallel to the exact moment of the creation of the Christian Church (the Body of those who will believe and act on that belief) as the second remnant He left behind? I believe so.

To  conclude:

How would we have understood this fully without knowing perfect history and seeing the chiastic structure in motion? The outline of Christ that was left behind, the remnant, is an infallible truth proving the Salvation Story of 1. Sacrifice (the marred, visible Jesus on the Burial Shroud) and 2. the Resurrection (the outline, drawing, and mark of Jesus made by the unseen Holy Spirit’s power for mankind). We could extrapolate further with 1. Jesus, His individual sacrifice, the Groom and 2. His Church, His Bride, to infinity. Both are considered the fullness of the Promise of God.

This is a brief example of how perfect history and chiastic structure work together in examining the perfect Word of God.