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Christian Patriot Media Group

Kim Clement's Prophecy for 2021?

.Kim Clement prophesied Donald Trump's meteoric rise to the Presidency in 2007 and in 2014. He also prophesied (2008/2014) about the time of 2 attempted impeachments (2020/2021) followed by spring where many hidden things would come to light, followed by a strange July with high temperatures combined with spring and summer like storms.   

The next seasonal phase is upon us and that is autumn. Kim says many will fall in the fall, because another Snowden would arise when many will be afraid (November and December). He also says there would come a time when 2 Supreme Court Justices would step down.

He said God says He is unsatisfied with both parties and that the time is coming that would prove highly embarrassing for the Democrats  but unsettling for the Republicans.

God refers to Trump as "My David" in these Clement prophesies and Kim prophesied that Trump would return as President around Christmas, and Winter would be a time of celebration!

Hank Kunneman has also prophesied many thing that have come true. Hank says that the cracks would start showing up when the stock market begins to crash. According to our very own work here at BluStar Market Insights, that crash should begin around Oct 6-7, 2021!

Trey Smith does a great job dissecting most of Kim's prophecies concerning the days we are in right now.

The 42:33 minute Two President's Prophecy,  was put out in February 2021. Trey moves rapidly past some important prophetic information that is written on the video that Kim had said, so slowing down there and actually looking at the skip reveals more than meets the eye on this revealing video.

Here is a 1:21 minute link of a Kim Clement prophetic word done on Nov 1, 2014 that seems to meld with the timing of the Two President's Prophecy, especially with the timing  of the hypnotic and mesmerizing November and December and the rise of another Snowden (during a time when many will be afraid).

Here is a link to a:

 February 22, 2014 transcript of a Kim Clement prophecy

which follows the same path as the Two President's Prophecy.

Here is the link to Hank Kunneman's Prophecy done in July 2021 about the coming cracks occurring when the stock market begins to crash as a sign from God that He is about to act.

Here is a link to our free stock market blog which is predicting a likely major top around October 6 or 7th, 2021.