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Christian Patriot Media Group

BluStar Market Insights Subscriptions

BluStar Market Insights Subscriptions includes 2-3 daily e-mails; Morning Coffee, Mid Day Report and End of Day and a Weekend Report.  Subscription also includes access to the "Brad and Louie Show" on Zoom at 10:15-45 EDT Every Trading Day, where we discuss the markets and where we think they are going. Markets we discuss include: The Stock Market (SPX, DJI, NDQ), The Bond Market, The Precious Metals and Miners, Oil and Cryptos.

We periodically send out charts to show what we are thinking. We only study and report on the stock market as a whole and the precious metals sector, that is GOLD, SILVER and the mining share ETF GDX when things are calm.

Many of our customers day trade and some swing trade. Others are more buy and hold oriented. Each customer is different as to their own trading methodology.

Many of our customers use us to balance out their own trading/investing and may trade futures and options or ETF's (exchange traded funds). 

We have a Glossary of Terms we use to explain why we think the way we do. We do not give specific advice, we only share our opinions.

We also look at the economy as a whole, analyzing certain trends like real estate as well as socio-economic & socio-political trends and major long and short term cycles and what we may be facing in the future.




$695 Per Annum 

$249 Per Quarter

$99 Per Month (auto subscribe only)

Sign up for Eagles Over America FREE and receive $200 off our annual subscription when you also sign up for Project Velocity, which is also free.  Once you sign up, contact us with your account # and we will send you to the Vault with a special password, where you can sign up for $495.  Once you are a member of Project Velocity, you will always get $200 off upon renewal.

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