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Market timers can and do make mistakes. We are not registered investment advisors. Past performance is never a guarantee of future performance.

We chart and analyze the Stock Market, Precious Metals and related trading vehicles. The subscriber must transpose the information to fit their trading/investment vehicle of choice .

Subscriber must re-up when annual and quarterly subscription period ends.

A friendly reminder will be sent by e-mail when a non-auto renewal subscription is about to end. 

All sales final.

Watch for the "Brad and Louie Show" weekdays at 10:15-45 EDT on Zoom. Subscribers only

Welcome to 

BluStar Market Insights!

My name is Brad Gudgeon and I am the Editor and Owner of BluStar Market Insights Newsletter. I analyze the Wave/Cycles of the stock market and precious metals market in order to determine their short term, intermediate term and long term direction and possible price objectives.

I also analyze economic trends, plus socio-economic and socio-political trends. I believe we are due for huge swings both up and down ahead in the markets in the coming months and years. The socio-economic and socio-political ramifications are huge!

 If you thought the year 2020 with COVID, the  Election Steal and the recent Vaccine Mandates were huge, brother you ain't seen nothin' yet!

We are in the time of a repeating 84-year Uranian/Taurus cycle like 1767-75, 1850-58, 1934-42 and now 2018-26. A book was written in 1996 called "The Fourth Turning" that predicted the times we are in right now based on past generation cycles of 20-22 years that repeat every 4th cycle (80-88 years, ideally 84 years).

Notice that toward the end of the cycle in 1776, 1861 and 1941, America entered  a crisis war, namely: The American Revolution, The American Civil War, 

World War 2 and now a likely World War 3

 sometime between 2025-27!

Our e-mailed Newsletter keeps you up to date on the markets and the trends as stated. You need to ask yourself, 'Can you really afford to be without our guidance in times like these'?

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