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Christian Patriot Media Group

Brad's Brain Cabbage

Brad's Brain Cabbage

Updated February 19, 2021

A Tale of Two Presidents

by Brad Gudgeon

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I don't mean to be plagiaristic here, but we are in weird times! I know that the military is in control and Trump is playing the long game. It seems like the imposter Biden is in control of other things like the pipeline shutting down (is Biden really in control???) and other things.  

I also know that Kim Clement prophesied this event back on April 4, 2008 and said it would be resolved in the Spring. I also have evidence that Dick Allgire (a gifted remote viewer of things of the near future) saw Trump announce a coming time of trouble for our nation that has yet to occur (see the link Insurrection Act under the Home page- go to New Feed).

Being an observer of the markets, I can see possibilities occurring based on past observances.  I use Gann techniques and Elliott Wave techniques  (among a handful of technical indicators) to try to predict the stock market. Sometimes this process is more accurate than other times. Right now I believe that the stock market made a bottom on Jan 29 and tops into Feb 16-19 where it will likely break down hard into at least March 24.

W.D. Gann used the Fibonnaci Sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,81,144...) especially in relation to the Octave or 8 day cycle and its breakdowns into 4, 16, & 32 trading days +/-. He also used Astrology (Note: the Magi used astrology to find out where the Messiah, Jesus was born). This method  made him about 80% accurate in his predictions, even to the point of predicting the price of sugar perfectly 2 years in advance and within a 2 day window!

R.N. Elliott's method of predicting markets is based on Wave Theory and the same Fibonacci Sequences and that is markets move up in 5 waves and down in 3 completing an octave of 8 waves.

So, we are likely going to have to wait (in my opinion) to at least around the time Saturn squares Uranus to the Mars/Pluto trine on the 17th/24th of February for the announcement. Raji prophesied that on February 23rd,  Jesus would hand His scepter to Trump. We'll see.

 It is also possible if they shut down the Internet, things could be delayed. The last time Saturn squared Uranus 3 times in a year (like it is doing this year) was 1861, the year the Civil War started!

Uranus is also in Taurus 2018-2026 and the last time that happened was 1934-42! It follows the approximate time of the Fourth Turning, the fourth cycle of 20-22 years, repeating an approximately 84 year cycle.

We are in or close to three distinct cycles now: the 240 year revolution cycle from 1776 to 2016-2023, the 160 year civil war cycle from 1861-65 to 2021-25 and finally the 84 year cycle from 1941 to 2025 which is predicting a major World War.

Notradamus predicted this coming war when the Chinese and Iran would ally.  It is called the Sino-Moslem War and it will be fought in Europe and over Taiwan (Chiang Kai-shek took a lot of gold there).

There is much misinfo and disinfo out there that doesn't make sense, but there is also good intel that does make sense. The black hats and white hats are obviously vying for control.  Digressing a bit, back in 1793 the French were in revolt while the English were at peace. We have a tale of Two Cities here in the States: The white hats seek righteous revolution within our Constitutional Laws, while the black hat agitators seek to start a civil war with lawlessness. 

I try to sift through the info and put it out there the best I can.  It may not be perfect, but I hate to censor sources or not include it unless something seems really off, then I just put it something like this: "rumor says..." and then try to fix it later.

Anyway, I'm building a Patriot Network called Eagles Over America. It is free to join and anyone anywhere in the world may join. I'm setting up  places where we may exchange a free flow of ideas: a Christian Patriot Chat and Channel on Telegram and also on other platforms.

Please join us here: Eagles Over America