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Christian Patriot Media Group

About Us

Our media company is supported by Christian Patriots 

in the marketplace and by Give, Send, Go. Please help us get the Plan out!

The Lesson of the Lamp 

(Luke 8:16-18)

16) No one lights a lamp and covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he sets it on a stand, so those who enter can see the light. 17) For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light. 18) Pay attention, therefore, to how you listen. Whoever has (proper discernment: emphasis ours) will be given more, but whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.”

                   Berean Study Bible

Our founders, Bradley & Pamela Gudgeon were some of the early Tea Party fighters against the injustices of the Obama/Biden administration (even recognizing the injustices of the previous two administrations).  Bradley , along with his wife Pamela and co-patriot Bruce Bellott, wrote the 2010 Tea Party hit song,  "We Ain't Goin' Away". 

We have supported President Trump through his difficult first term and we support him now through this audacious attempt at stealing our Republic away from 'we the people' through fraud and deception.  We recognize the spiritual battle going on between those who belong to King Jesus and those of the opposition's king, Lucifer.

We are calling on those with the Spirit of Elijah to come join us in the battle to keep our precious Republic out of the hands of the Corrupt Luciferian Globalist Elite, who seek to subjugate the whole world into their New World Order nightmare.

People are waking up in droves to their machinations, as they are now attempting an audacious coup of our Republic through the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on our country since its founding some 246 years ago (and there have been many).

This global takeover attempt has been going on for many, many decades, right under our very noses, with most none the wiser. The immediate threat of takeover is real!

Even the Holy Bible, in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, paint a symbolic overlay of the rise and fall of empires since the times of Babylon that controlled God's people (1st head of the Sea Beast: Babylon like a Lion), Persia (2nd and 3rd heads: Medo-Persia Alliance known as the Bear, also the 2 horned Ram), Macedonia (2 of the 4 heads of the Leopard, namely those that ruled over Israel: Seleucids & Ptolemies)  and Rome (6th head) through the times of Justinian 1 in AD 525-65 (the rise of the little horn in Daniel 7 and the 7th head of 1260 years: Justinian 1 Decree/Codex AD 533 -1793 that gave the Papacy its civil power as the new Caesars of Rome) to the French Revolution in 1793-94 (by the Rothschild controlled Jacobins) where the rise of the shadow government (8th head) of this world had already begun its conquest of other nations subversively (starting in May 1776- the Bavarian Illuminati): by the Rothschilds', and eventually Cecil Rhodes' controlling of Great Britain and eventually America  in 1913 (with the help of the Rothschild funded Rockefellers and the banking agents like JP Morgan) to form the Anglo-American Alliance (the Two Horns of the Lamb of the Earth Beast) and eventually the United Nations after World War II, in 1945 (the Image of the Beast that had the deadly wound but was healed, that is the 6th head or Rome, an illusion to Justinian who reunited (healed) the whole of the known Roman Empire with his conquests and new laws. It is the UN who is even now implementing the mark of the beast plan through forced vaccination and/or mandatory proof of vaccination ID passports in order to move, get a job, and even buy or sell. All this is hiding in plain sight!

The Luciferian Globalists have subversively and progressively taken over the right to our own national bank, the media, politicians, the education system, entertainment, the medical establishment, the Military industrial Complex, our intelligence apparatus and even our most cherished religious institutions!

We are in the closing days prophesied in Revelation 13-20: The final battle between good and evil. 

Many believe they are Christians because of their American Heritage.  It doesn't work that way. In order to choose to serve on our side, you must first change the way you think and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. This is a process, and it takes education so that you can free yourself (with the help of the Holy Spirit) from the chains of this world's 'mind slave' system, have your past slate cleaned (through God's mercy in Christ) and join the kingdom of God.

In order to fight any enemy, you must first understand who that enemy is and how that enemy works. What we have is a vast unseen Luciferian network, embedded within our society with a hierarchy that reaches into the highest reaches of our social order. Some are truly evil minions of Lucifer, while others are just brainwashed or compromised by this evil order of beings.

Jesus, the son of God is our king. He rules from the highest spiritual realm and is a very powerful being. We must follow Him over any other ruler on earth, even ourselves. 

Many of us called on God to help us and He sent us Trump, a man of the world who loves America; who like all of us was saved from his imperfect nature and reconciled to God. He was not a praying man (Prophet Kim Clement, see Trump Prophecies) when he entered office, but he has seen God working through his calling, and he is growing in the Lord.  God uses imperfect people to do His perfect will. We know he was duped by Big Pharma to roll out the mRNA vaccines quickly when it had been in the works for years. But if God chose him, who are we to question Him?

Our weapons of warfare are truth, prayer, faith, and understanding the Bible properly, as it (and the Holy Spirit) teaches us to grow into the full stature Jesus has for us, from the milk to the meat of the Word so to speak.

We use music to encourage, commentaries to enlighten, and news sources to keep you properly informed of what is really going on behind the dark veil of evil.

Our Story

Our Eventful Journey Together With God...

 26 years of Marriage

Bradley Ray Gudgeon

Brad became a Christian at the age of 19 in April 1974 after receiving a vision and communication from the Lord telling him that when he was older he would be instrumental in fighting the end time beast system. 

Brad has been studying eschatology (end time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation) for over 30 years. He and his wife, Pam, are also Christian and Patriotic songwriters.

Pamela A Gudgeon

Pam became a Christian in July 1995 just shy of her 37th birthday. Her encounter with Jesus was almost like a Damascus Road experience, as she had claimed to be a secular humanist.  Apparently, Jesus had other ideas!

She fell in love with Jesus and the Word so much, that she pursued a Master's Degree in Christian Studies. The strength of her personal ministry is the studying of historical context & literary devices, and how they relate to the Word.

She finds a different depth of creativity when she co-authors songs with her husband.

Both their callings work hand in hand toward their service for and to the Bride of Christ.


12 Original, Patriotic 

Americana Songs

Copyright 2010

Droning Foghorn Music, BMI

"We Ain't Goin' Away" Video

Singer: Bruce Bellott

Copyright 2010 Raintree Media

Writers: Bradley Ray Gudgeon, Pamela Gudgeon, Bruce Bellott

Song Copyright 2010,

Droning Foghorn Music, BMI

Black Onyx Music, ASCAP

The 8th Head of Babylon

An amazing, symbolic revelation of the Deep State in the Book of Revelation, along with the rise of the Anglo-American Alliance, and the United Nation's plan for the New World Order's Mark of the Beast.