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Christian Patriot Media Group


Brad Gudgeon's March 3, 2022 Interview with 

Dr. John Diamond of "America Unhinged" Regarding 

 Jesus' 4 Point Plan to Take Back America.

Video Link

 Brad Gudgeon's March 23, 2022 Interview with Rick Crump of Kinetic Faith on the coming food shortages and God's Plan to feed His people.   

Video Link    

The "Four Point Plan" 

(and the Vision of the "Diamond Studded Cross"

Given to Brad Gudgeon in Late February 2022

1) Create Inspiring and Uplifting Music and Music Videos.

2) Feed His People Nourishing Food. Our product, HarvestGold could quite literally feed the world. It is evil companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical who own the Universities and farmers, who squash innovative products and inventions. The food growing right now is making people sick. Start growing your own food and not be at the mercy of the globalists who are trying to kill us.

3) Start "Project Velocity" by sharing with others the Only Shelf Stable CBDa (up to 1000 times as powerful as CBD) on the Market Today, to Help Combat Vaccine Injuries, Long Covid & Planned Future Pandemics along with whole host of other maladies. Project Velocity is a network of people who are taking their health into their own hands. This product saved my life.

4) Teach People Biblical Truths and Where The Anglo-American Alliance, Shadow Banking Cartel & the United Nations is Found in Scripture, which Reveals God's Overall Plan for His Remnant Church.